7 Benefits of a Sit-Stand Desk Electric

Too much sitting is very bad for your health. People who sit a lot every day have an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and premature death.
In addition, you burn very few calories if you sit for a long time, and many studies have linked this to weight gain and obesity.
This is a big problem for office workers because they sit most of the day. Fortunately, sit-stand desks are becoming increasingly popular.

What is a sit-stand desk electric?

A sit-stand desk is in fact a desk that allows you to stand and sit healthy and comfortably while working.
Many modern designs are electrically adjustable, so you can easily adjust the height of the desk to alternate sitting and standing. These are also called an electrically height-adjustable desk.

An electric sit-stand desk with memory is recommended so that you can easily set a correct fixed height. It is therefore important that both the seat height and the standing height are correctly set. We recommend that you carefully test the ideal sitting and standing height and then save it on the electric sit-stand desk. You can always use the high/low button if you like a small change.

Below you can see what a healthy working posture is for an electric sit-stand desk.

While research is still in its infancy, it appears that using a sit-stand desk may have impressive health benefits. It can also increase productivity.

Using this type of desk can at least partially negate the harmful effects of sitting too much.

Here are 7 benefits of using an electric sit-stand desk, backed by science.

1. Standing Lowers the Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

The difference in calories could be one of the reasons why sitting longer is so strongly linked to obesity and metabolic diseases.

2. Using a sit-stand desk electric can lower blood sugar

Studies show that using a sit-stand desk electrically at work can lower blood sugar levels, especially after lunch.

3. Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

It is generally accepted that the more time you spend sitting, the greater your risk of developing heart disease.

4. Sit-stand desk appears to reduce back pain

Several studies show that sit-stand desks can help with chronic back pain by drastically reducing prolonged sitting.

5. Sit-stand desk electric helps improve mood and energy levels

One study found that an electric sit-stand desk can reduce feelings of stress and fatigue, while improving mood and energy levels.

6. Sit-stand desks can even increase productivity

One study found that an electric sit-stand desk can reduce feelings of stress and fatigue, while improving mood and energy levels.

7. Standing More Can Help You Live Longer

Research suggests that a shorter sitting time can lower the risk of premature death and therefore help you live longer.