Ergonomic Standards - Sit-Stand Desks

Everyone has a different height and a different posture. To make sure that everybody can work ergonomically responsible, there are certain Ergonomic Standards in place. We will explain what this means.

  • NEN EN 527
  • NPR 1813

Ergonomic Standard NEN 527
The NEN EN 527 is a European standard. The average European is taken as the starting point for determining the dimensions in this standard. 

NEN EN 527 specifies safety, strength and durability requirements for sitting and standing desks. In addition to the safety requirements, the standard also gives recommendations for the minimum adjustment ranges of different types of desks.

Desks according to NEN EN 527
There are many ways to work comfortably. Here below we will list the guidelines according to the NEN EN 527 standard requirements. 

  • Worktop height for fixed low tables: between 74 – 76 cm.
  • Height adjustment worktop for adjustable sit-sit tables: at least 65 – 85 cm.
  • Height adjustment worktop for adjustable sit-stand tables: at least 65 – 125 cm.
  • Height adjustment worktop with adjustable standing tables: at least 95 – 125 cm.
  • Height of worktop for standing desks with a fixed height: between 105 – 107 cm.
  • The thickness of the worktop on the seating side is a maximum of 5 cm.
  • Thickness of the worktop 50 cm from the seat side is a maximum of 8 cm.

Desks according to NPR 1813
It happens that not everybody fit in as an average European. Therefore the Dutch Practice Guideline has been implemented to act as a stricter guideline that is more flexible: the NPR 1813 guideline. Ergonomic (electric) sit-stand desks according to this standard make sure that taller and smaller people will fit in well to work under healthy ergonomic conditions. In the NPR 1813, one of the key points for sit-stand desks is that the maximum range has been increased (65 - 130cm).

Comparison (NEN vs NPR)
The NPR and NEN ergonomic standard have a lot in common. Therefore we will clearly list the key points here below. We will highlight the musts for our Sit-Stand Desks.

  • Dimensions worktop at least W120 x D80 cm
  • The surface of the desktop should not be mirrored
  • Height non-adjustable desk: 74 cm (with a 2 cm margin higher or lower)
  • Height adjustable desk: 65 - 85 cm, older desks 62 - 82 cm.
  • Height sit-stand desk:
    65 - 125 cm (NEN EN standard)
    65 - 130 cm (NPR standard)
  • Straight seat side must be at least 65 cm wide.
  • Blade thickness maximum 55 mm (NEN EN standard) maximum 50 mm (NPR standard).
  • Completely free foot space up to 60 cm table depth, then at least 12 cm free height (at the feet).
  • With a height-adjustable desk, the space between the worktops should be at least 25 mm to prevent entrapment of fingers or cables.

Sit-Stand Desks that comply to NEN EN and NPR