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Bamboo Setup


    WARNING: Keep Away From Pandas
    Get your workflow boost with the most sustainable electric standing desk on the planet!
    We offer premium quality electric standing desks with a sustainable natural solid bamboe desktop. The exclusive Toka series have a powerful dual motor for smoothness, maximum stability, and performance. 

    Oh so SMART, oh so PRO?

    SMART edition

    • 2-stage legs to reach 71-119 cm height
    • Great movement speed of 25mm/s
    • High performance dual motor
    • Smart innovative touch panel controller

    Suitable for sitting and standing for most people between 160-200 cm tall

    PRO edition

    • 3-stage legs to reach 65-130 cm height
    • High movement speed of 36mm/s
    • High performance dual motor
    • Smart innovative touch panel controller
    • Standards: NEN EN 527 & NPR 1813

    Ideal for professionals to follow highest standards with maximum height reach

    #1 Sit-Stand Desk Electric

    Most sustainable bamboo sit-stand desk
    Why a Sit-stand Desk?

    Work healthy, work better.

    A sit-stand desk is able to function as a normal workplace desk which can be set at any ideal sitting height. It can also be used as a desk while standing; a standing desk. It allows you to work at any height that you feel comfortable with, whether this is sitting or standing.

    We recommend to switch every 30-60 minutes to get the best results in feelgood and work performance.

    If you want to buy an elektric sit-stnd desk to match all your comfort and quality needs, then you cannot go wrong with a sit-stand desk by IVONO.

    Which Sit-Stand Desk to buy?

    More SMART or more PRO?

    We offer professional sit-stand desks that can meet different height standards at top quality.

    If you wish to follow the official ergonomic guideline (NEN 527) then the PRO edition can go beyond that.
    Our SMART edition will give the same product performance with 2 powerful motors but the height reach is a bit lower. However, this sit-stand desk can do a perfect job for people who are 160-200 cm tall.

    A electric sit-stand desk can be selected with a variety of desktop sizes. Also, a sustainable natural solid Bamboo desktop or Eco Wood desktop can be selected.

    The Touch-Controller with memory functions can set your ideal height in an instant, sitting or standing.

    It is also possible to keep your normal desk and convert this to a sit-stand desk with a compact sit-stand workstation solution.

    What is a sit-stand desk electric?

    A standing desk is a height-adjustable desk that allows you to work in a healthy and comfortable sitting and standing position.
    Many modern versions are electrically adjustable in height. This is also called an electric height adjustable desk or a high low desk electric.
    We find the use of an electric sit-stand desk very important because the electric sit-stand desk with memory can reach a fixed healthy height with one touch. We therefore recommend that you set it properly according to the ergonomic recommendations. Each person with a different height will also have to electrically adjust their sit-stand desk differently. It is the intention that your joints end up in the correct position while working.
    It is therefore very easy to adjust the height of the sit-stand desk with an electrically adjustable desk with memory. As a result, you will also look for the alternation of sitting and standing work more often.
    We recommend standing or sitting every 30-60 minutes where the duration can be about 50/50. We therefore recommend that you carefully test the ideal sitting and standing height and then save it on the electric sit-stand desk.

    Why you might like a standing desk

    Many people spend most of their workdays sitting at their desks, working from home or in the office. They also sit while driving or taking public transport, on the couch while watching TV and while eating. As you've probably heard, all that sitting can be hazardous to your health: Research has linked prolonged sitting (known as "seat sickness") with a higher risk of a host of problems. We explain all the advantages of a sit-stand desk electrically in our blog with scientific studies.
    If you normally spend more than half of your day sitting, you may want to consider switching to an electric sit-stand desk. This does not mean that you have to stand all day. Repeated, prolonged exposure to standing has also been implicated in the development of serious health problems. So alternate sitting and standing about 50/50 with a high/low desk.

    The electrically height-adjustable sit-stand desks we offer are the easiest way to switch between sitting and standing. If you want to make a small investment in yourself in this area, a sit-stand desk riser is a budget alternative. A sit-stand desk riser is also called a sit-stand desk converter or a sit-stand workstation. This will then come on top of a standard desk where you can raise the laptop or monitor with keyboard to stand or lower it to sit. Sit-stand desk risers typically cost less than full-size sit-stand desks, but they don't give you the convenience of height adjustment at the touch of a button. They also miss the memory height settings.

    A sit-stand desk can be a good investment in your well-being at work or in your home workplace. By changing position often, you increase the circulation of your body by tensing the muscles more often. This leads to a more productive day at work. You'll also improve your posture and probably burn more calories too.